While not every project requires the tailored craftsmanship and personalized design service provided by 4PLUS8, every project deserves the inherent quality and exceptional functionality that characterizes the core values of 4PLUS8.

Following years of research and development, we have designed and refined a system of cabinetry modules that are high on functionality and can be seamlessly integrated into interiors. We aim to achieve seamless usability while preserving pristine aesthetic appeal.

Drawing on over two decade of expertise, we have developed a system of kitchens, wardrobes and storage furniture that delivers both quality and functionality.

FURNIC was conceived - the refined and simplified younger sister of what we do for bespoke systems.


  1. Aesthetically flexible, allowing customizable finishes to suit different interior styles.
  2. Dimensionally flexible, allowing refinement of various cabinetry modules to achieve better integration.

Tapping on a modular planning tool, cabinetry layouts can be worked out with ease and with minimal errors. We work with exceptional materials typically found in luxury kitchen systems and hardware that has been tried and tested for lasting durability.

Our aim is to offer top-tier performance kitchen systems and quality cabinetry solutions that are functional and simple to achieve.

FURNIC introduction